Why am I runningSteve Thompson. United conservative party nomination candidate for  Edmonton McClung MLA. Alberta Legislature.

Albertans deserve a government that reflects the very best of what our province and our people have to offer. We can once again be a beacon of opportunity and prosperity for Canada and the world.

Like you, I want an accountable government that consults and listens to the people it is meant to serve. The United Conservative Party will put the needs of Albertans first. We rely on the common sense and wisdom of Albertans to develop our policies, choose our candidates and set the direction for our party.

I am seeking the UCP nomination in our riding because I believe the residents of Edmonton McClung should have an MLA who will be accessible and engaged in our community, someone who will fight for responsible, transparent use of our tax dollars, promote government policies that create jobs and growth and a representative who will be accountable to YOU, the taxpayer, the employer.

I will stand up for Edmonton McClung residents to get our books back in order, end the NDP’s Job-killing Carbon Tax and get our economy on track. We are under attack by the Trudeau Liberals, the BC NDP and even our own Alberta NDP government. We need strong leadership to fight for Alberta.

I will fight to have a referendum on Equalization and negotiate a better deal for Alberta.

Our kids deserve the highest quality of education. I will defend Alberta’s history of school choice and I will support parents who want to play a role in their children’s education.

I am passionate about establishing a future of great possibilities for our kids & grandkids and removing the unfair burden of debt from our future generations. If the NDP continue to run up massive debt, ($96 billion by 2023) every government service will be jeopardized, including those valued social programs that many Albertans need.

Alberta's diversity increases every day and in every way.  Looking to the future, and keeping everyone in mind, all Albertans should be protected and treated with fairness and respect regardless of anyone's faith, lifestyle or background.

I moved to the Edmonton McClung neighborhood 25 years ago and have raised my family here. As McClung has grown and diversified, my family has enjoyed our community leagues, our schools and everything our vibrant west end has to offer. I would not want to represent anywhere else.

From a successful 34-year career in business and sales management, I’ve learned that listening is the best tool for building consensus and turning ideas into reality. I look forward to engaging with you, as we present our new ideas that put Albertans first. I want to hear your priorities and I want to earn your vote.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support of our United Conservative Party.


Steve's Belief and Value statement

Steve values honesty, trust, accountability, and open communication.

Steve values freedom, small government, strong families, low-taxes and opportunity. These are conservative values. These are Alberta values.

Steve believes that Alberta should once again be the most competitive province in Canada, where companies want to invest & create jobs and where Canadians want to live, raise their families and prosper.

Steve believes that Albertans deserve the best education system in the world, where our children master fundamental reading and math skills and our government stops experimenting with our kids’ future.

Steve believes in good stewardship of the environment, with clean air, clean land and clean water; so that Albertans can enjoy the wonderful mountains, lakes and forests that we’ve been blessed with, for generations to come.

Steve believes in personal freedom with less government over-reach in our private lives. We should be free to choose how we live, the faith we practice, what our family looks like and what kind of schools we send our kids to.

Steve believes government should demonstrate fiscal responsibility and offer value to you, the taxpayer.

Steve believes Alberta should benefit from a free enterprise economic system and our government should eliminate corporate welfare and avoid trying to pick business winners and losers.


My Pledge

I stand ready to fight for everyday Albertans in Edmonton McClung.

I will do all I can to renew the Alberta Advantage that has long made our province's way of life the envy of Canada and the world.

I will work for a prosperous Alberta, one with boundless opportunity for those willing to work.

I will work for a compassionate Alberta, one with respect and care for our seniors and our most vulnerable.

I will work for a diverse and inclusive Alberta, recognizing that everyone is equal under the law.

I will be a tireless and available advocate for the constituents of Edmonton McClung; within a party that I believe is the best choice for the future social and economic health of Alberta.

As your McClung MLA, I will work to address your concerns and issues to improve the community we all live in. I will always remain accessible and accountable to my employer – YOU. 

Steve Thompson. Signature. United conservative party candidate for  Edmonton McClung MLA.  Alberta Legislature.








Steve Thompson, United Conservative nomination candidate for Edmonton West - McClung, Aldergrove, Callingwood North, Callingwood South, Dechene, Donsdale, Gariepy, Lymburn, Oleskiw, Ormsby Place, River Valley, Lessard, North River Valley, Oleskiw  Summerlea, Thorncliff, West Meadowlark Park, Westridge - Wolf Willow.

Map of Edmonton and boundaries of McClung


Edmonton electoral map  McClung boundaries