Endorsement Letter from Dennis Modry

Hi Steve,

I have reviewed the document that you drafted and sent to me entitled "FIGHTING FOR ALBERTANS".  You not only have a stellar conservative pedigree, but you also have definitely captured the essence of what I believe the majority of Albertans want in their UCP MLA.   Both Jason Kenny and McCLung residents are extremely fortunate to have someone of your caliber, experience and values interested in advancing Alberta's role in confederation via the Political theater. I am privileged, blessed and proud to know you by way of the many meetings and discussions that we have had about honesty, fairness, family, education, diversity, economics, safety and security, social justice, criminal justice, and the importance of the environment in the context of sustainable development. Your interaction with your family and friends speaks volumes to me about who you are and your skill set.  I especially like your sensitivity to others’ divergent views which, nevertheless, always leave everyone feeling valued.  You have a particular gift to express your thoughts about a myriad of issues in a conversational and non-threatening fashion which will be a real bonus as you campaign for the nomination and then as the McClung UCP candidate and ultimate winner in the next provincial election.  

It is of interest to me that our values are so aligned.  As a member of the medical profession, I devoted my entire education and practice to helping thousands of Albertans and others for over 30 years.  You also wish to help Albertans.  The difference is that I could only help one person at a time. You will have an opportunity as the McClung MLA to help many more thousands if not millions by implementing your values and ideas with humility and thoughtful communication. Finally, I wish to comment on "freedom".  Most people want freedom......freedom to choose our education, our path in life, with whom we associate, what we lawfully can do, etc.  As you know, the larger the government, the greater the number of programs and the greater cost to society.... all of which diminishes and restricts our freedoms.  You have correctly identified that individual freedoms are inversely related to the size of government and it will be up to you and others in the UCP political realm to sensitively educate and convince all Albertans of the value of limited government.  And you can do it!    

In closing, I know of no one better than yourself who could represent the citizens of McClung in the next provincial election. I will be pleased to speak with those involved with the nomination should that be required.

With sincere best wishes,

Dennis L Modry, MD, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, 1984 - 2015

Founder and Director of the Alberta Heart and Lung Transplantation Program 1984 - 2007

Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit 1984 – 2007


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