Drew Barnes, UCP MLA Medicine Hat:

“I am pleased and proud to endorse Steve Thompson for the UCP nomination contest in Edmonton McClung. Over the years, Steve has proven himself to be a loyal conservative with great organizational abilities. His skills and principles would serve the constituents of Edmonton McClung well.” – Drew Barnes, MLA Cypress Medicine Hat, UCP Critic for Finance & Treasury Board

Drew Barnes UCP MLA Medicine Hat Alberta Endorsement

Response from Steve:

“I am honoured to receive an endorsement from Drew Barnes, MLA Cypress-Medicine Hat. Drew has held shadow positions in every major portfolio and has written numerous research papers on policy for our party. I have learned so much from Drew. Thank you, Drew”


Leela Aheer, UCP MLA Chestermere Rocky View

“I would like to endorse my very dear friend Steve Thompson. Steve is an incredible business man, an entrepreneur, a dedicated family man, and gives back to his community with passion and commitment.  I have seen how Steve is able to gather and inspire people to stand up for what they believe in.  He loves Alberta and he shows that every day in his decisions to get involved in deep and meaningful ways.  I feel blessed to know him and his family and look forward to seeing him bring his passion to the legislature.”  Leela Aheer, MLA Chestermere Rocky View, UCP Critic for Children’s Services and Status of WomenEndorsement by Leela Aheer, MLA


Response from Steve:

“I am thrilled to have the endorsement of Leela Aheer, MLA for Chestermere-Rocky View. As Deputy Leader, UCP Critic for Children’s Services and Status of Women, and with her incredible commitment to charitable causes around our province, Leela is the face of the big-tent conservative movement in Alberta. Thank you, Leela”



Dr. Dennis Modry

“Both Jason Kenny and McCLung residents are extremely fortunate to have someone of [Steve’s] caliber, experience and values interested in advancing Alberta's role in confederation via the Political theater” - Dennis L Modry, MD, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, Founder of the Alberta Heart and Lung Transplantation Program, Political Consultant

See a full text of endorsement letter by Dr. Dennis Modry

Dr. Dennis Modry Endorsement for Steve Thompson

Response from Steve:

“Dr. Modry, a pioneer in the medical field who performed the first successful heart and lung transplant in Western Canada, has written numerous papers on Alberta health care and advised the Klein government. I’m grateful to have Dr. Modry as a mentor and a supporter. Thank you Dr. Modry”




Tany Yao,  UCP MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo


Tany Yao UCP MLA  Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo endorsement


“Steve Thompson is an excellent choice to represent the UCP. His balance of work and life experience combined with his political astuteness would serve the constituents of Edmonton McClung well.” – Tany Yao, MLA Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, UCP Critic for Health and Emergency Response & Disaster Preparedness

Response from Steve:

MLA Tany Yao, the UCP's official critic on Health and Emergency Response Preparedness spent his former career as an Air Ambulance and EMT supervisor. He was officially named one of the heroes of the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, for his selfless and tireless work helping evacuees. Yao continues to be a strong advocate for the community he grew up in. He is an inspiration and I’m honoured to have his endorsement.



Brent Trimming, Associate publisher, Business in Edmonton Magazine

Brent Trimming Associate Publisher Business in Edmonton Magazine endorsement


“In my professional opinion, Steve would be an excellent choice to represent his constituents as an MLA. Steve is a business proponent and a community leader that takes initiative and has a vision and passion for the city of Edmonton and the province of Alberta. He and his family have the values that we as Edmontonians and Albertans should all strive to instill in our own families and our community. I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Thompson.” - Brent Trimming, Associate Publisher, Business in Edmonton Magazine

Response from Steve:

As a small businessman in Edmonton for over 30 years, I feel the pain when our taxes increase or when our economy turns down. Brent and his magazine "Business in Edmonton" have done so much to highlight not only the challenges we face, but the wins and the business leaders we have in our great city. I'm honoured to have Brent's endorsement.




Andrew Marklund, United Conservatives at University of Alberta


Andrew Marklund United Conservatives at University of Alberta endorsement


“I first met Steve when I was a newcomer to Alberta politics. I immediately knew that his values are Albertans’ values – accountability, honesty, and the freedom to achieve. Since then, I’ve seen firsthand Steve’s effective leadership and his dedication to the UCP. He’s also been a great ally for politically involved youth. Steve will be an excellent UCP candidate and MLA for Edmonton-McClung” - Andrew Marklund, President, United Conservatives at the University of Alberta


Response from Steve:

Our future is in the hands of our youth. While many students pass through our higher learning institutions influenced by socialist views and require the experience of paying taxes, taking on mortgages & small business loans before they embrace small government, free-enterprise systems, there are exceptions. Andrew Marklund, Nicholas Kalynchuk and their dedicated team of conservatives at the U of Alberta give us great hope for the future. Thanks Andrew.



Tom Goodchild, founder and co-owner of the Sawmill Restaurant group


Tom Goodchild Sawmill Restaurant owner  endorsement


“In the 20 plus years I’ve known Steve Thompson, he has been steadfast and never wavered. I find Steve to be honest, loyal and faithful to his family and a wonderful husband and father of three girls. His loyalty extends beyond his family, to his friends and to his country.

And boy, his political commitment, provincially and federally, has consumed him. He has put himself and his family on hold to not only help Edmontonians and Albertans, but all Canadians.

I stand behind Steve and his common sense, logical approach to governing our great city, province and country.” - Tom Goodchild, founder and co-owner of the Sawmill Restaurant Group for 42 years

Response from Steve:

Tom Goodchild, a self-made man, gives back to the city he loves at every opportunity, supporting more than 30 Edmonton charities per year. His altruistic concern for human welfare, and his generous endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, inspire me to be a better person. I am deeply honoured to have Tom's endorsement.




Paul Collins, founder Collins Steel, former President Wildrose Party


Paul Collins, founder Collins Steel, former President Wildrose Party

“I am endorsing Steve Thompson to be the UCP candidate for the McClung constituency because he is a true conservative. Steve not only talks the talk but walks it out as well. He is a financially responsible person and is pragmatic in his thinking, finding ways to make the best plans for the least financial impact. He has been very instrumental in keeping the McClung Constituency Association strong and has organized other party members in Edmonton to hold events and contribute to the financial strength of the conservative movement with Wildrose and with UCP. Knowing Steve for the past 6 years has made me aware that his family life as well as his business life is in good order and I am sure that sort of order would be a breath of fresh air when applied to the legislature.”  - Paul Collins, founder Collins Steel, former President Wildrose Party


Response from Steve:

Steve's response: Paul Collins has been an invaluable mentor to me. Having built his company from scratch he now focuses on charitable causes and helping the underprivileged. Paul epitomizes conservative principles where success allows one to create jobs, and give back through faith based and community organizations. I am humbled that Paul would endorse my bid to become UCP McClung candidate.



Tim Latimer, CEO Cashco Financial Inc, President Settlement Lenders Inc.


Tim Latimer CEO Cashco Financial Inc, President Settlement Lenders Inc.  endorsement

I've known Steve for a number of years and can say I believe we will be well served by him in government. He keeps himself well informed on the issues while being open to further discussion. But perhaps beyond engagement he is fair minded and sincere. Seems to me those are qualities we could use more of in politics.

- Tim Latimer, CEO Cashco Financial Inc, President Settlement Lenders Inc


Response from Steve:

Tim Latimer's vision and leadership skills in collaborating with ATB have revolutionized the banking industry. He has created hundreds of jobs, found solutions for thousands of people and his employees praise their work environments. This entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Alberta. With the help of people like Tim, we will return to a province that recognizes and respects free enterprise as our economic engine.



Bill and Nancy Strand

Bill and Nancy Strand Endorsement

Steve Thompson has lived in Edmonton McClung for over 25 years. He is a successful businessman, a family man, and a community volunteer.

We have been most impressed by his years of tireless work for Alberta conservatives.  He understands the important issues and we have confidence in his promise to work hard for McClung constituents and bring conservative solutions to bear on those important issues of jobs and growth, responsible use of tax dollars, and better education for all children.

We also believe in his promise to listen and engage with all the residents of McClung and truly represent their views and concerns. We have every confidence in Steve Thompson because we have had the opportunity to work with him in numerous conservative activities. We particularly noted the strong UCP Association that quickly developed in McClung under significant leadership by Steve.

For all these reasons, we are happy to endorse Steve Thompson in the nomination process to become the Edmonton McClung UCP Candidate. His skills and work ethic will lead UCP Edmonton McClung to success in the next provincial election.


Response from Steve:

Bill and Nancy Strand, the first couple of conservative politics in Edmonton, have spent an entire generation promoting fiscally responsible, common-sense & free enterprise principles throughout Alberta. From Bill’s passion for a grassroots voice at the provincial level to Nancy’s decade as our representative on the National Council of the Conservative Party of Canada, they have committed their time and money to improving the lives of all Albertans. The countless volunteer hours and boards they sit on, make them both citizens we should all aspire to be like. I am deeply honoured to have the endorsement of Bill and Nancy Strand.



Wayne Smith, founding member UCP and Reform Party of Canada:


Wayne Smith's endorsement for Steve Thompson


Recently, I spoke with McClung candidates Mozeson & Thompson to see who I would vote for. I asked them both the same question, “What does grass roots democracy mean to you?”

As a committed Conservative it was an important question. In 2015 our Conservative Party was severely punished by Albertans because they forgot who they served; they had become an old boys club with decisions made at the top of the Party, Albertans saw it differently and wanted a voice.

I wanted to know which candidate supported Albertans through Referendum, Recall, member developed Policies that the Party was required to follow and a constituency driven Candidate Selection Process.
Only one affirmed their understanding and support for those fundamental principles of democracy and grass roots, so I am voting for Steven Thompson.

Wayne Smith
Lifetime Conservative
Founding member and former Exec Council member, Reform Party of Canada
Former Executive Committee member, Wildrose Party of Alberta
Founding member UCP


Response from Steve:

Wayne is one of the pioneers who built the grassroots conservative movement in Alberta, that has subsequently influenced all of Canada. I appreciate that he recognizes my commitment to our members and I'm honoured that he is offering his support.