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Get Albertans back to work

Steve Thompson. United conservative party candidate for  Edmonton McClung MLA.  Alberta Legislature.

Alberta has seen significant private sector job losses since the NDP formed government in 2015. They have continually chased away billions of dollars of investment from our province. While the private sector has been cutting jobs and reducing compensation, the NDP government has been doing the opposite, expanding. Hundreds of government agencies, boards, and commissions spend our tax dollars with no transparency or accountability.

While no government can control the price of oil, it can control the environment for job growth and investment. Having a business-friendly government and renewing the Alberta Advantage by once again making Alberta the most competitive province in Canada would help rebuild business and investor confidence. Many opportunities like lowering Small Business Tax, reducing Red Tape, giving small business a break on Workers’ Compensation Board premiums, increasing apprenticeship usage, assisting those wishing to upgrade their skills, would all signal that Alberta is once again OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


Secure Alberta's Economic Future

Tax increases, the multi-billion-dollar CARBON TAX slush fund, and countless new regulations are strangling our province’s ability to prosper. We have not benefitted from any imaginary “social license” with new pipelines or new customers. To quote Jason Kenney, “The carbon tax is all economic pain and no environmental gain.” The Carbon tax must be repealed. (The NDP didn’t even mention it during the last election)

Instead, lower tax rates, less regulation and a pro-business attitude will turn our economy around. Until recently, Albertans paid the lowest taxation rates in Canada, yet we grew our economy so large that our government collected more corporate and personal tax per capita than any other province. The energy sector shrunk from 36% to 24% of our economy because we diversified and so many other sectors flourished under our low-tax, pro-business regime.

Alberta families need us to improve job and salary prospects, eliminate the carbon tax, implement personal tax reductions and child tax credits once the budget is balanced. We need to reduce the size and cost of our government and bureaucracy through hiring and salary freezes. We must begin a savings strategy, once our budget is balanced. It is unethical that we continue to rob from our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, those who cannot even vote yet, or haven’t been born. (2018 NDP budget- $96,000,000,000 debt by 2023. Remember, we were debt-free less than a generation ago.)

The NDP oil sands cap (100 mega ton) must be removed. World Trade Organization estimates that fossil fuel demand with continue to rise over the next 50 years. Rather than supporting oil producing countries with questionable safety standards, sub-par working conditions and wages, and no environmental regulations, the world needs more Alberta oil.

A free-enterprise government that listens to the people, would also repeal bill 6 and hold proper consultation with our farmers & ranchers, amend legislation to respect & protect property rights and help our forestry sector diversify further.


We must Renegotiate Equalization

Our NDP government is not standing up to Ottawa and fighting for ordinary Albertans. They happily implemented a carbon tax and are about to increase it because Justin Trudeau asked them to!! They raised taxes on our oil sector at the worst possible time. They have hired anti-oil, anti-pipeline activists with our tax dollars and as stated in their LEAP Manifesto, they do NOT want any pipelines built.

Now, as the Equalization agreement is about to be renewed, they do not take seriously Alberta’s need for a better deal. Jurisdictions across the country continue to attack our way of life as they benefit from Billions of dollars in subsidies paid for by Albertans. We pay on average $24,000,000,000 more every year than what we get back in transfers and services. The federal government continually meddles with the equalization formula, to gain political favour on a regional level, including E.I. benefit rules for Eastern Canada and Quebec exemptions for hydro revenues, to name a few. Alberta is not being respected and not being treated fairly in our confederation. Albertans deserve a new deal.


Steve Thompson. Community education. United conservative party candidate for  Edmonton McClung MLA.  Alberta Legislature.Our children are our future

Governments play an important role in educating our children. Investing in their learning is a vital element not only in their future happiness but in the success of our society. But government is not alone in this challenge. Communities, teachers, religious leaders and ESPECIALLY PARENTS have always played a formative role. I will fight for diversity and parental choice in schools. We need a government that recognizes parents as the primary educators of their kids. We need to preserve the funding model that allows school choice, be it public, Catholic, charter, independent, or homeschooling. On average, the Alberta government spends $13,000 for every student in public school, but under $8,000 for every student outside of the public school system. Diversity & competition in our school system has historically made the Alberta Education system one of the best in the world. We can get this back.

Our NDP government should not push its ideologies into the curriculum. We need to return to basics in math, reading and writing skills. The alternative is to leave it to the bureaucrats and elites. We already see that the new fads being promoted are lowering our international results and to cover these failings the NDP are moving away from standardized testing. Today, 13% of Grade 4 students lack basic math skills, up from 6% in 2011. We need to restore PATs in grade 3, 6, & 9 and publish the results so parents and educators can measure against consistent standards. We can then enhance the curriculum from an Alberta perspective by improving financial, historical and energy literacy.


Steve Thompson. Healthcare. United conservative party candidate for  Edmonton McClung MLA.  Alberta Legislature.

The Migraine that is Healthcare

Alberta keeps spending more on healthcare but getting worse results with ballooning wait times and declining outcomes for patients. We spend the most per person in Canada, with middle of the pack results. There is no accountability and Albertans deserve better.

We need to shift the focus from the many, many layers of managers who concentrate on a PROCESS, to giving our front-line professionals the tools to actively promote patient wellness, preventative and community care, reducing our reliance on expensive procedures and hospitals. Shifting the funding model to per capita bundles, where doctors are incentivized for keeping you healthy, rather than getting paid by volume, per visit (fee-for-service) will reward preventative care. Funding hospitals by case (or per cured patient) rather than by procedure or visit, rewards efficiency instead of simply managing a budget.

Implementing a single clinical e-record system (with mobile portal, for patient access) would make monitoring, analysis, and accountability far less costly and staff-intensive but more efficient.

We need to prepare now to give our growing seniors’ population the care they need and deserve, when they need it, and with their spouses. Our ERs and acute care hospital beds can be freed up if we shift to focusing on community options like home care and building facilities that will keep couples together, ending “divorce by nursing home” scenarios.

Edmonton-McClung deserves a representative who will fight for the dignity and comfort of our seniors. We need to increase funding for home care, supported housing, assisted living, and speed up the construction of long term care facilities which will get rid of bottlenecks in our hospital acute care wards. How we care for our seniors is the measure of how rich and compassionate our society is.

Our hospital care costs are now the highest in Canada, 36% above the national average. But community-based health funding has only increased 10% over 40 years. Community based care for chronic diseases, seniors, maternity care, midwifery, addictions and mental health would all provide faster and more personalized service for Albertans, while helping to alleviate wait times in hospitals.

We must also look at incentives to keep Alberta-trained doctors here, in the parts of the province where they are needed the most. All Albertans deserve adequate access to medical professionals. Student loan forgiveness and other incentives will help combat attractive signing bonuses offered in U.S.A. and elsewhere.


Steve Thompson. United conservative party candidate for  Edmonton McClung MLA.  Alberta Legislature.

Our Freedoms and Democracy are under Attack

Despite never getting a mandate from the people of Alberta, the NDP rammed through a multi-billion-dollar carbon tax, just as tens of thousands of Albertans were losing their jobs.  The government shut down debate and slammed through Bill 6 before our ranchers and farmers could be properly consulted. Unelected bureaucrats are making decisions that impact the lives of millions of Albertans without any accountability. Our government needs to always remember who they work for, regular Albertans.

I will fight for Recall legislation. When your elected representative goes against the principles they were elected on, it’s time for a review, no different than in private business.

Governments should be banned from making spending announcements and advertising during elections and by-elections. They should also ban the use of union dues for political advocacy, so that unions must collect political donations like everyone else.

We need to protect free votes in the legislature, so MLAs can consult with their constituents on contentious issues and more accurately gauge the positions of you, the employer.

We need to protect Freedom of Speech and ensure that protesters cannot silence speakers on post-secondary campus.

And referendums should be held in municipalities on the fair use and purpose of photo radar.


Let’s put Victims and their families AHEAD of criminals

Crime is up across Alberta. Victims are watching accused criminals getting their trials thrown out because of excessive court delays. Rural crime is out of control. While the NDP allow our justice system to fall into disrepair, they spend taxpayer dollars on free lightbulbs.

We need to treat those harmed by the impacts of crime with compassion while keeping dangerous people off our streets.

We need to stop dangerous offenders from changing their names, so they can be properly monitored. We need to improve physical and digital monitoring of those on probation, especially those convicted of child sexual abuse.

We need to streamline court processes, reduce unnecessary delays and ensure violent crimes are prioritized.

We also need to fight Ottawa for more judges and tougher sentencing for repeat offenders.

We need to work with the RCMP and ALERT to improve rural crime enforcement, particularly regarding break-ins and drug trafficking.

We need to crack down on illegal drugs in our jails, while offering more drug treatment and job skills incentives & opportunities.





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